Current Projects

Children's Museum of the Magic Valley


Did you know that children spend half as much time playing outside as their parents did? Or that children between the ages of 2-10 spend more time on screens than playing indoors or outdoors (Melissa & Doug/Gallup, 2017)? How children spend their time has a real impact on their creativity, social skills, and overall sense of well-being.


A children’s museum is a place where children learn through play and exploration in a hands-on environment. Mindful activities nurture family relationships and build creative communities.

The Children's Museum of the Magic Valley's mission is to engage children of all ages and abilities in learning through discovery and imaginative play. They seek funding to establish a museum that will serve over 37,000 area children and their families. Donations will fund site selection, exhibits and community outreach.

If you would like to get involved, please visit us on our Facebook page at

 or contact us at 208-536-3455 or

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Construction of a New Fire Station in Jackpot

About the Jackpot, Nevada Fire Department

The Jackpot Fire Department is responsible for an area that is 80 miles in diameter.  They not only respond to fire emergencies, but also to medical emergencies.  They are currently housed in a building owned by Jackpot Township.   The building is small and inadequate for Fire Department personnel and equipment storage needs. 

The Proposed Project

The Fire Department has been allocated land for a new fire station location near the airport and golf course.  It has been determined that an 80' x 150' building would be adequate to house all the department's equipment in one location and have adequate space for training and living quarters.  Hopes are that construction of the building can begin in the spring of 2019 with completion within a year.

Funding for the New Building

A donor is already willing to contribute much of the funding for the new building, but additional funding from businesses and residents of Jackpot is needed to successfully complete the project.

Your support and contributions will make the new fire station possible.

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Snake River Canyon Rim Trail


In 2017 a major addition to the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail was completed from Eastland Drive N. to the Evel Knievel jump site.  That segment connected the trail from the Twin Falls Visitors Center to Shoshone Falls.

The Twin Falls Community Foundation and the Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee (MaVTEC) thanks the community, City of Twin Falls, corporate sponsors, and all of the participants who have been involved in the fun runs and other fund raising events for the last 10 years.  We would not be here without the amazing community support.


Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee (MaVTEC) is a volunteer led group under the Twin Falls Community Foundation with a strong passion for the safety and health of the community in which they live in.  MaVTEC's partnership with the City of Twin Falls and neighbors help provide the support needed to enhance, build, and update walking, running and bike trails.  The most current and completed section of trail connects the two existing trails from the Evel Knievel jumpsite to the Visitor Center.  More trail expansion is expected for the future.  Funding is by donations from the public and fundraising efforts of the Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee.  

There are still trail enhancements yet to be made.  To see 2019 fund raising events  click on "link to MaVTEC" below to connect to the MaVTEC website.

To donate to trail improvements click on the "donate to Canyon Rim Trail" button below.

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Snake River Canyon Rim Trail System 2018

Drone Video of Canyon Rim Trail

To see a drone video of the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail from Eastland Dr. N. to the Evel Knievel jump site click on the button below.

Twin Falls Golf Club Improvement Program


Each year the Men’s and Women’s Golf Association along with Steve Meyerhoeffer and his staff hosts a golf tournament, the proceeds from which are used to make improvements to the City of Twin Falls owned golf course.  Over the past eleven years, close to $100,000 have been raised to improve the playing conditions of the course.  Multiple tee boxes have been rebuilt, along with reseeding of the fairways, new driving range mats, sand for the bunkers, many trees have been planted on the course and concrete cart paths were added around four tee boxes.  

If you would like to make a donation for golf course improvements, click the button below.

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